Opening to receive love

Hello Everyone,

And welcome once again to TRCB (Tong Ren Chakra Balancing) Tuesday. This week we will be exploring how to balance the chakras in order to receive more love. (We’ve spent the last couple of weeks cultivating greater love and compassion, thought we should focus on receiving this week!).

There is a sea of love all around us and when we learn to open to this sea of love we have greater access to it and can benefit from the love and healing energy that is all around us.

My meditation teacher, Ellen Tadd, says that consciousness is the light switch. What this means is, that when we become aware of something (like the sea of love that is all around us), our very awareness acts as a light switch, turning on that which we are focusing on. So just by focuing on the love that is all around us we can activate powerful forces that help us to feel and experience more love in our daily lives.

And so be sure to watch the video so you can experience this sea of love directly for yourself.

And for those of you who would like a copy of some of the chakra balancing affirmations from the video, here they are:

Crown: I am open to the light. I am open to love.

Third eye: I see with the eyes of wisdom and compassion.

Throat: I am spirit. I am good. And, I am learning.

Heart: I am open to receive love.

Solar Plexus: I welcome love into my life.

Identity: I am filled with wholeness and open to love.

Base: I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.

And there you have it. Your seven chakra balancing affirmations for the week. You may want to work with all seven at once or simply pick one a day to be your affirmation for the day.

Slowly as we both repeat and embody these principles we retrain our body and mind so that we can hold these attitudes more and more. Working with affirmations is alot like weight lifting. We get stronger and more able to hold the principles over time.

Also, watching the videos is extremely helpful in this process. I recommend watching one TRCB video per day in order to balance your chakras daily and retrain your body and mind for a more expanded awareness. (something we are all working on!).

Have a great week and may the force be with you!


Hayley Mermelstein

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Cultivating Greater Compassion with TRCB

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to TRCB Tuesday where each week I will share a healing video for the purpose of balancing the chakras and assisting each one of us in bringing our best self forward more and more.

This weeks healing video is about 10 minutes long and will focus on using TRCB to cultivate greater compassion. Its a powerful video that will greatly enhance your ability to hold compassion as you venture out into the world.

On the subject of compassion, I will say that yesterday I was out in town and someone left a note on a bulletin board that said something to the effect of: “There is no greater challenge to our spiritual life then learning to cultivate compassion for the stupidity of others (their wording, not mine!) Conveniently, we are given many opportunities to practice through out the day.”

And while this was worded a bit strongly, I still had to stop and reflect and even chuckle a bit to myself. Yes, we certainly are given many opportunities to practice compassion through out the day.

And so for today let this be your practice. Practice responding with compassion to those that you encounter today, knowing that everyone is learning and everyone is growing and that part of why we are here is to learn to bring greater compassion to ourselves and to others .

This weeks chakra balancing affirmations to assist in this process are:

Crown: I am open to the light.

Third eye: I understand.

Throat: I am learning and growing. We are all learning and growing.

Heart: I am filled with compassion for all of life.

Solar Plexus: I accept that everyone is learning and growing.

Identity: I know who I am and I know why I am here.

Base: I am disciplined.

Work with these seven affirmations this week and see how much compassion you can bring to your daily life. Remember that sometimes it is compassionate to walk away from a situation and sometimes it is compassionate to get closer. Regardless of what actions you take you can always hold compassion in your heart and hold the awareness that everyone is learning and everyone is growing.

Have a great week and enjoy the video!


Hayley Mermelstein

Letting go of anger with TRCB

Welcome back to TRCB Tuesday where each week we will explore another chakra balancing treatment. This weeks video is on using TRCB to release old anger and hurt. It is a very useful video and I myself have watched it many times to help me release anything that I might still be holding on to.

I highly recommend setting aside 20 minutes to watch this video and allow it to assist you in releasing old hurts and anger so you can step into the best version of who you are.

Here are this weeks TRCB affirmations.

Crown: I let go and I trust the process of life.

Third eye: I let go and I step into my wisdom.

Throat: I let go and I step into my power.

Heart: I let go and I step into my love.

Solar Plexus: I let go and I step into my acceptance.

Identity: I let go and I step into my wholeness.

Base: I let go and I step into my full discipline.

Work with these affirmations this week. You may want to chose one affirmation and make it your affirmation for the day, working with it frequently as you go through your day to release anything that you need to let go of and to assist you in stepping into your best self.

Enjoy your week and enjoy the video.

Hayley Mermelstein

Cultivating Personal Power with TRCB

Hello everyone and welcome to TRCB Tuesday. In today’s video we are working with using TRCB to cultivate greater personal power. These short 10 minute videos are a great way to deepen your meditation and help you connect to your own inner spirit and spirit all around you. If you need a quick boost, then these videos are the way to go.

Here are some of the affirmations in today’s video:

Crown: I am open to guidance.

Third eye: I am focused.

Throat: I am filled with the power of spirit.

Heart: I am filled with compassion.

Solar Plexus: I am filled with depth.

Identity: I am steady.

Base: I am spirit; therefore, I am safe.

There you have it! You’re seven affirmations for the week. You may want to pick one affirmation and make it your affirmation for the day and work with it throughout your day, remembering that your body believes every word that you tell it. As you affirm it make it so. To add additional power to the affirmations, watch the video and allow the tapping and the affirmations to release blocked energy and balance and align your chakras so that you can be the best that you can be.