Hurt or compassion, which will it be?

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about some of my past relationships, especially the ones that ended in hurt or pain. I’ve been contemplating the many ways my unresolved feelings may be impacting my physical body and my life in general. As I contemplate these past relationships I realize that I have a choice. I can be hurt and angry or I can feel compassion. It is as simple as that. If I chose to be hurt and angry then I damage my body and I get the great privilege of playing the victim. If, however, I choose to feel compassion for all concerned, then I elevate my own state and get to feel the empowerment that comes from stepping boldly into compassion.

I’ve always believed that being judgmental takes no skill. It is something anyone can do and that offering compassion instead of judgment is where the finesse lies.

I recently realized that feeling hurt and playing the victim also takes no real skill. It is easy to respond with hurt to the many injustices that we endure even in a given day. But still, no matter how justified we may be, if we are to step into our full potential, if we are to become all that we are meant to be, we must find the place within ourselves that can turn the voice of poor me into the voice of compassion for ourselves, others and for the human condition.

Everyone is flawed and everyone is learning and growing. These flaws cause us and others to act in ways that can be quite out of balance, and yet the choice still remains, will we respond with hurt or will we respond with compassion?

Compassion can be tricky because sometimes we are asked to respond to an injustice that we don’t understand. This lack of understanding can make it challenging to find our compassion. And yet the truth remains that our true nature and our highest expression is compassion.

And as I write, I hear the following message:

Seek to feel the compassion first and then understanding will follow. If you try to understand first you may get lost. Seek instead to express your true nature in all circumstances. Know that everyone is learning and growing and everyone has deep wounds that are not always obvious on the surface. Regardless if you understand or not, regardless of how impacted you were by the imbalances, seek to return to your true nature. Do this for yourself.

No injustice is worth losing touch with your true nature. No injustice is worth losing the best part of who you are. No injustice is worth sacrificing your health for.

Dig deep and remember the truth of who you are. You are an infinite being of light. You are an infinite being of compassion. You are an infinite being of love and light and joy and beauty.

Affirm now:

I am an infinite being of light.
I am an infinite being of love.
I am an infinite being of compassion.
I am an infinite being of joy.
I am an infinite being of power.

Step into your true power now. Stop playing the role of the victim. This is keeping you stuck in ways that you cannot even image. Let go of playing the victim and reclaim your health and vitality. Let go of playing the role of the victim and step into the infinite compassionate, loving being that you are. You may still walk away from situations and people that no longer meant to be part of your path, but you can do so from a place of power and compassion rather than hurt and wounding.

Step into your true nature now.

Step into your power.
Step into your love.
Step into your compassion.

Be in your power. Bring forward the best that lies within. Do this for yourself. Do this for your health. Do this for your world.

An eye for an eye and the whole world becomes blind.
Let this pattern stop with you.

Set a new tone.
Set a new standard.

Offer love in the face of betrayal.
Offer compassion in the face of lies.
Offer the best that lies within you.

Let no one take this from you.
Offer your best and live your life in peace.

Life keeps an accurate scorecard.
You do not have to even the score.

Simply aspire to be the best that you can be and allow life to unfold.

Affirm frequently:

I am an infinite being of compassion.
I offer my compassion to the world.
I offer the best that lies within me.
I play the victim no more.
I step into my power and I offer my love and my compassion even to those who cannot offer the same to me.

This is my achievement and my accomplishment.

I offer my simple plate of compassion to all.
I offer my simple plate of compassion to all.

And this is my gift and my legacy.

And so it is.
And so it is.