Chakra Balancing

The TRCB seven key affirmations for actualizing your full potential:

Here are the seven TRCB affirmations most commonly used to balance the chakra system.

Crown:               I let go and I trust the process of life.

Third eye:         I am wise.

Throat:              I am fully expressive. I express myself fully and appropriately.

Heart:                I am a radiant being of light and love.

Solar plexus:  I accept myself completely.

Identity:           I am balanced.

Base:                I am disciplined.  I attend to my body, mind and spirit daily.

Are there other TRCB affirmations?

Yes, we have lots of great affirmations that we’ve designed specifically to help you balance your chakras and actualize your best self.  They are all available in our second book,  The TRCB Book of Affirmations (coming soon!) In that book that, you’ll learn how to design your own TRCB treatment by choosing from the hundreds of affirmations that we’ve organized by chakra.

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