The video below serves two purposes.  First, it is a visual demonstration of how to do a TRCB healing session for yourself.  Second, its a healing video that can be watched anytime you would like to experience the power of TRCB for yourself.  Simply watch the video and allow the tapping and affirmations to assist in balancing your chakra system.  You can watch this video as often as you like.

Watch the video below to see  TRCB in action:

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During a TRCB session, you tap with a magnetic hammer on seven major chakras of the Tong Ren doll for the purpose of sending healing energy and releasing blockages in the chakra system.  As you tap on each chakra you repeat an affirmation that is appropriate for that chakra.

See the TRCB affirmations and the chakra point location chart.

The affirmations said aloud during a TRCB session are very powerful. The energy of our voice travels and assists in releasing blockages and creating new attitudes.  When we change our attitudes (which are a combination of thoughts and feelings) many aspects of our life can also evolve.  For instance, our health and finances can improve, our relationships can improve and even our relationships with ourselves can improve.

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