TRCB Group Healing

Hayley currently is offering a group healing session every Monday night through zoom. The session is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the light, wisdom, love, power, and strength that lies within as well as experience healing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality.

7 p.m Eastern Time

cost:  $20.00/session

payable through paypal or venmo or

contact Hayley at or 413 992 8581 to arrange payment and receive zoom link.

Testimonials from Group Healing

~During yesterday’s session, I received a flash of light about as intense as anything I have received in a while. Coincidentally (but maybe not), the low-grade sore throat I’ve been fighting for the last month or so seems to have dissipated this morning to almost nothing. So let me thank you once more for all that you do for us.

~Thanks so much! I felt more energy after each session! I’m often ready for bed by 8 or 9 but both times, after our group healing,  I’ve gotten up to clean the kitchen because I have so much energy

~After one TRCB group healing, my hot flashes stopped overnight.

~Right after you started tapping on the doll, i turned into a big gleaming being of light.  It was really cool. (words form a 9 year old after her first TRCB session.)

Thursday Night Meditation

Hayley offers a Thursday night meditation class through zoom which is a wonderful opportunity to meditate with a group and experience greater levels of expansion, trust, wisdom, love,  compassion, peace  and connection to ones deepest self.

7-9 pm Eastern

Cost: $25.00 payable through venmo or paypal or

Contact Hayley at 413 992 8581 or to arrange payment and/or receive zoom link.

Private Phone or Zoom Session with Hayley

Hayley offers private spiritual coaching/energy healing sessions through zoom or phone.  This is an opportunity to go deeper into the issues that you wish to explore privately.

This is a powerful one one one session that is designed to release blockages and promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.


-During the last couple of years, my travel schedule got crazy, and so Hayley and I agreed to do “virtual” phone healing sessions. They have been amazing for me, and I wanted to mention this now, given that online healing has become important in this current circumstance we are in.

I really get a lot out of these regular phone sessions, from energy work to spiritual guidance to some life coaching, they have really kept me on track. And I can keep doing them in the midst of all this which is fantastic….

-I had a procedure done in a medical office that left me unable to urinate properly.  It was a painful and scary situation.   The day after my first treatment with Hayley the situation returned to normal.  I felt a wave of relief unlike anything i have felt before.  P.S.  I was a skeptic, but not any more!


Hayley is an acupuncturist and healer with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts.  Hayley’s acupuncture session is a combination of acupuncture, energy healing and Shiatsu massage.  The session is deeply healing and assists in bringing balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Hayley’s practice is located at 800 Main Street, Amherst, MA.  For more information go to  You can also prepay for an acupuncture appointment in our store.