TRCB Testimonials:

After one TRCB group healing session, my hot flashes stopped overnight.

Tong Ren Chakra Balancing has made a huge impact on my life and that of my family members. I use the affirmations from the TRCB group all week.

I have been doing Tong Ren Chakra Balancing almost every day for a year.  What a gift!  I feel like this practice has strengthened my chakras and my ability to keep them open and appropriately balanced in daily life.  I have also had success using Tong Ren Chakra Balancing on family members.  Thank you, Hayley, for combining Tong Ren with chakra balancing!

The collective conscience of light and love that happens in each TRCB session is present with me thru the week.

I have had surprising results healing and supporting both myself and my family with TRCB.  A few examples: My son had been struggling with living an adult life and keeping a job. After I did daily TRCB healing for him, he found employment that he has kept for three or four years now. He had been struggling for so long, this was nothing short of miraculous!! My father-in-law has advanced lung disease. When he has episodes of respiratory distress, it is noticeable that he is made more comfortable after a  TRCB healing. When I feel so desperate to help, TRCB has given me a way to do just that. Truly help. For my daughter it was affirmations that helped to move her from a career in which she felt limited, stressed out and stuck. She would affirm “I am open to miracles”  and a new job opportunity in a totally different field appeared on the internet. As it turned out, she also knew a good connection who put in a good word for her. After years of wanting to do different work, she had an interview for a new career.

Thank you, Hayley, for sharing your healing techniques with others to use.  I can say from personal experience, what a powerful healer you have become and the many ways you have helped me to help myself and those that I love.

Testimonials for Hayley:

I’ve seen Hayley for over a decade.   Five months ago I asked her, as a joke, if she could do anything about my cravings and eating sweets.  She casually said, “no problem”.  I can’t tell you what healing powers or suggestions she sent my way but I haven’t had desserts (pies, cakes, ice cream, cookies or chocolates) since that day.

I have seen Hayley monthly for several years.  In addition to the general relaxation and sense of well being I gain from our sessions, I have had complete remission from the pain of arthritis in my neck.  Thank you Hayley!

I have been seeing Hayley for several years now.  Even though I do not live in the area anymore, I always come in whenever I am in town and I can notice a big difference in my body, mind, and spirit always…. I love coming in to see Hayley!!

I have been seeing Hayley for approximately 10 years.  I came in for my arthritis and also some emotional distress.  Hayley changed my life.  My arthritis is not gone but she makes my body much more comfortable to live in.  I would never miss my time with Hayley.

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