Think it. Feel it. Say it

I was clearing up a minor misunderstanding with a friend this morning. My friend really appreciated my call and my desire to keep things “clear” between us and ended our conversation by saying: “Please call me anytime something comes up or is bothering you at all. I really appreciate open communication. I am a think it, feel it, say it sort of person.

Her words reverberated in my head: Think it. Feel it. Say it.

Now, I through out my life have not been a think it, feel it, say it person.

I have been more of a think it, question it, doubt it, suppress it, get a headache sort of person. But I’m recovering and learning.

I’m learning to be more expressive. Learning to say what is on my mind. Learning to be more transparent.

This does not always come naturally for me. I am undoing perhaps lifetimes of not saying what is really on my mind and so for me it is a process of learning to express more and say what I’m feeling so it doesn’t get buried and perhaps do harm to my own body or my relationships.

Now think it, feel it, say it could of course lead to some problems. For people without a filter or without a sense of appropriate timing this could run amok. Also, there are times where it is simply best to keep our perceptions and awareness to ourselves. But for people with some diplomacy and social graces (and when the timing is right)perhaps this is something to ponder.

What might it be like to express more? What might it be like to say more of what is really on your mind? What might it be like to be more transparent?

We live in a world where many fear criticism and take it as meaning that they are all bad, which can make honest communication more difficult. But still, none the less, what might it be like to model a more honest and expressive way of being?

This is what I’m pondering this morning and will be experimenting with in the days and weeks ahead.

For now I’ll leave us all with an affirmation that might help us find the deepest, purest, most genuine expression that we have to offer.


I am fully expressive.
I am fully expressive.

I express myself fully and deeply.
I express myself fully and genuinely.

I am genuine.
I am myself.

I am kind.
I am compassionate.

I am real.
I am direct.

I say what is mine to say.

I am free to be me.
I am free to be me.

I am fully expressive.
I am fully expressive.
I am fully expressive.

A teacher of mine once said that we all have a key. Something that if we were to master would unlock the door to our deepest growth and development. Her key was patience. As she learned a deeper patience her growth and development was stimulate. She clairvoyantly looked into me and said that my key was full expression. I was here to learn to be fully expressive. It is the key to my growth and development.

So, here is to thinking it, feeling it and saying.

It’s been a long journey. And I’ve got a ways to go. But I am learning.

Blessings to all.

And may we each find our key and evolve into who we are most meant to be.


Hayley Mermelstein

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Look forward to seeing you there