Cultivating Greater Compassion with TRCB

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to TRCB Tuesday where each week I will share a healing video for the purpose of balancing the chakras and assisting each one of us in bringing our best self forward more and more.

This weeks healing video is about 10 minutes long and will focus on using TRCB to cultivate greater compassion. Its a powerful video that will greatly enhance your ability to hold compassion as you venture out into the world.

On the subject of compassion, I will say that yesterday I was out in town and someone left a note on a bulletin board that said something to the effect of: “There is no greater challenge to our spiritual life then learning to cultivate compassion for the stupidity of others (their wording, not mine!) Conveniently, we are given many opportunities to practice through out the day.”

And while this was worded a bit strongly, I still had to stop and reflect and even chuckle a bit to myself. Yes, we certainly are given many opportunities to practice compassion through out the day.

And so for today let this be your practice. Practice responding with compassion to those that you encounter today, knowing that everyone is learning and everyone is growing and that part of why we are here is to learn to bring greater compassion to ourselves and to others .

This weeks chakra balancing affirmations to assist in this process are:

Crown: I am open to the light.

Third eye: I understand.

Throat: I am learning and growing. We are all learning and growing.

Heart: I am filled with compassion for all of life.

Solar Plexus: I accept that everyone is learning and growing.

Identity: I know who I am and I know why I am here.

Base: I am disciplined.

Work with these seven affirmations this week and see how much compassion you can bring to your daily life. Remember that sometimes it is compassionate to walk away from a situation and sometimes it is compassionate to get closer. Regardless of what actions you take you can always hold compassion in your heart and hold the awareness that everyone is learning and everyone is growing.

Have a great week and enjoy the video!


Hayley Mermelstein