I am open to receive

Often times there is something in our lives that we desire such as greater financial abundance or greater love. But, deep down inside of ourselves we feel we don’t deserve that which we are seeking. This feeling of not deserving or not being good enough creates a scism in our bodies and mind where we have our foot on the gas and we have our other foot on the brake all at the same time. Years go by and we wonder why we feel so stuck.

It can be helpful when you find yourself in such a pattern to work deeply on self love, self forgiveness and feeling worthy to receive. So often the places in our lives where we feel stuck come down to a self love issue. It can be helpful to ask ourselves what might change in our lives if we loved ourselves more? What might we do differently? Would we speak up more? Would we speak up less? Would we be kinder and more forgiving towards ourselves? What blockages in our bodies and minds and life would be released if we truly forgave ourselves and felt worthy to receive?

We work frequently with this issue in our meditation classes and group healings and I thought I’d share a brief meditation/affirmation on the topic with all of you.

I love myself.
I love myself.

I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.

I let myself off the hook.
I stop punishing myself.

I offer myself love and kindness.
I offer myself love and kindness.

I accept that I am human and have made mistakes.
I allow myself to go from one imperfect activity to the next.

I offer myself love and compassion.
I offer myself love and compassion.

I am spirit.
I am good and
I am learning.

We are all spirit.
We are all good and
We are all learning.

I am spirit and I am learning.
We are all spirit and we are all learning.

The earth is a school and we have all come for learning and growth. Stop being so hard on yourself. Learn to offer yourself love and forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance as you go from one imperfect activity to the next. Do not strive for perfect. Strive for continued growth and learning. Allow yourself to be a student of life and in so doing you will become a teacher. Allow yourself to be filled with humility and in so doing you will step into your greatness.

Step into your greatness now and offer yourself love and compassion.

What might heal in your body if you truly loved and forgave yourself? What might heal in your life if you fully felt worthy to receive.

Affirm now:

I am good and I deserve goodness.
I am good and I am worthy to receive.

I feel so worthy to receive.
I feel so worthy to receive.

I am open to receive.
I am open to receive.

I am open to receive goodness.
I am open to receive love.
I am open to receive abundance.
I am open to receive joy and freedom.
I am open to receive healing and wholeness.
I am open to receive all that life wants to bring to me now.

I take my foot off the brake.
I stop the self punishment.

I instead offer myself the love and compassion I desire from others and in so doing become a beacon of light and love for all.

I love myself.
I forgive myself.

I see my goodness and I know that I deserve goodness.

I am growing in my capacity to love myself.
I am growing in my capacity to forgive myself.
I am growing in my capacity to open to receive.

I am worthy to receive.
I deserve goodness.

We all deserve goodness.

I am open to receive.
I am open to receive.

I am open to the light.
I am open to miracles.
I am open to goodness.
I am open to love.
I am open to abundance.
I am open to healing.
I am open to assistance.
I am open to all that life wants to bring into my world.

So let this be your experiment for the day and the week. How open can you be to receive? How much can you love yourself? How much genuine forgiveness can you cultivate for yourself and others? Take your foot off the brake. Let go of the past and step into the life that awaits you now. Shower yourself with love and kindness and be aware of how this affects your body, your mind, the quality of your day and your life.

If you found this mediation/affirmation helpful and you live in the Amherst area, feel free to join us for our Tong Ren Chakra Balancing group on Monday nights at 7 p.m. or our Meditation class on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

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Hayley Mermelstein

Welcoming Rejection

Hello Everyone,

(Sometimes, well most times, I feel rather vulnerable sharing my writing. In fact, I often wonder whether it is even wise to do so. But I push the send button, because I know that we all share the same human experience and are working on many of the same issues in our own ways.

I often have people come up to me and say they feel I wrote a particular blog post just for them. This does comfort me and gives me some reassurance that there is value in sharing some of my writing rather than keeping it all to myself.

I also read once that if you don’t feel a little nauseous before sending out a blog post, that you haven’t been honest enough.

It is in this vein, that i share todays blog with you.)

Welcoming Rejection

I decided to talk to a friend recently about something that was bothering me in our relationship. The conversation took an unexpected turn and ended with her asking me not to contact her again. I had hoped that talking about our connection would bring us closer and instead it severed what was left of an already mangled situation.

Rejection is never pleasant, for any of us. We all have a desire to be liked, to be included, and to be understood.

And yet, I have been taught to welcome rejection and to understand that rejection is one of the ways that life reroutes us and shows us what path is not ours to traverse.

And so, I sit and I ask: What would it be like to welcome this? What would it be like to invite this to the table and surrender to it?

Thoughts swirl: Could I have done something differently? Could I have addressed the situation more gently? Maybe I shouldn’t have brought up the sensitive topic that i did?

I don’t know the answer to those questions. I do know that what is done is done, and that I communicated as honestly and sincerely as I knew how.

And so for now, I begin the process of letting go and I affirm:

I let go.
I let go.

I welcome this situation.
I welcome this situation.

I let go of my resistance to what is.
I let go of my wanting to go down a path that doesn’t appear to be meant for me.

I let go.
I let go.

I am learning to embrace rejection.
Rejection is one of the ways that life communicates with me.

Some paths open and some paths close.

I resist no longer.

I surrender.
I surrender.

I accept.
I accept.

I allow.
I allow.

I welcome what wants to come into my life and allow what wants to go, to go.

I welcome what is.
I let go of my resistance.

I allow those who want to go, to go.
I allow those who are meant to be in my life to come.

I surrender my will.

I surrender.
I surrender.

I let go.
I let go.

i let go.
I let go.

Letting go is a process. I remember a teacher of mine said once that it took her two years of active letting go, to really surrender something that she had wanted.

(And then I hear)

And so do not be discouraged if it takes some time to let go of that which is leaving your life. Be gentle and patient with yourself as your learn to surrender and release that which no longer serves. Accept all that is transpiring and know that when the time is right, new life will sprout form the ashes of what once was. Be patient, be kind. Review what you have allowed to transpire and than rise up stronger than before, more committed to healthy and mutually satisfying relationships. Do not settle for bread crumbs in your relationships. Do not settle for one way streets. Do not settle for lack of care and consideration. Dare to ask for more. Sit empty for a while and allow yourself to be refilled. When the time is right new life will emerge.

Shed the old now. You will find the reciprocity that you seek. Do not cling to that which is no longer meant for you. Instead think upon what it is that you do desire in relationship and allow those that are meant to be in your life to find you.

Chase no longer. Let what wants to go, go.

Welcome the new with open arms.

Remember that each time you have truly let go in the past, something more satisfying and right for your stage of development has found its way to you. Trust in that process. Surrender gladly into the unknown and wait with open arms for the future that beckons you.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Hayley Mermelstein

Make room for the new

“Do not move on to 2017 without letting go of something significant from 2016, an old idea, label, habit, fear, concern of ego. Let go to free up the white space for something new to enter.” Brendon Burchard.

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum, and that as we let go of worn out conditions, situations, attitudes and even clothing, that we create space for something new to be born.

What will you be letting go of this year as we wind down 2016 and what would you like to be born in its place as we enter this next cycle?

This is a question that we can all contemplate as we begin a new year of growth, service and enjoyment.

It is on this note, that I thought I’d share a poem that I wrote a while back, as I was working on letting go of a friendship in order to make room for something new.

Make room for the new.

And for a long time, it hurt when I bumped into a mutual friend of ours and she ignored me, or worse yet, glared.

And for a long time, I felt pain when I was not invited to that movie or that party.

What had you said about me that caused such hostility and rejection, I would wonder.

And for a long time, I wanted so badly to be included in that group that now shuns me.

And for a long time, I thought of you and felt pain.

And for a long time, I suffered.

I suffered until a friend said: Who cares?

Who cares that they reject you?
Who cares that you are not included?
Who cares that this friend left your life?

Let her go. Let them go.

Don’t hold such scarcity in your relationships or in your life.

There are true friend for you out there.
There are people who value and cherish you.
There are people who will see the true you and feel bonded and connected to you.

Trust this.

Let go and make room in your heart for the new.

Clear out the old.

Clear it out.
Let it go.

Make room for new friends.
Make room for new love.
Make room for new abundance.
Make room for all the glory that is meant for you.

Let what wants to go, go.
Chase no more.

Open now to the new.

Open to new life.
Open to new friendship.
Open to new love.

And, open to new opportunity.

New life is coming to you.

Make room.
Make room.

~Hayley Mermelstein

Confidence is your key.

A while back, when I was taking meditation classes with my teacher Ellen Tadd, we had a class on finding our key. Ellen explained we each had a key to unlocking our full potential. The key might be self love, or confidence, or full expression, or patience, or emotional balance. The key was that one elevated state or emotion that was most essential for you to work on in this life time. The key is different for each one of us, depending on what we have come to earth to learn and to contribute.

For example: Perhaps for someone who struggles deeply with impatience, then patience might be their key. It is through mastering patience that all other aspects of their life begin to fall into place (i.e. relationships improve, appropriate opportunities begin to fall into place, and more alignment with timing and flow begin to transpire.)

Perhaps for someone who is very shy about speaking up, then full expression becomes their key to fulfillment and contribution. As they learn to express themselves, all aspects of their life begin to come into better alignment.

Today, while I was meditating, I heard the message that confidence is my key. It’s been years since i had that class with Ellen, but I instantly realized that this was the answer to the question that was asked so long ago.

And so today, you might want to ask yourself: What is your key? What is it that you need to cultivate in order to unlock your full potential? What quality is wanting to come forward in you at this time?

You may know your answer instantly, or perhaps, the answer may come to you at some time in the future. Keep asking, and stay open. When the time is right, your key will be revealed.

For now, I’ll leave you with the message that I received in my meditation. Because developing confidence is something that can benefit us all.

Confidence is your key.

Confidence is your key. When you believe that you can do this. You will do it.

You have not, as of yet, truly believed that you were capable of accomplishing that which you came here to accomplish.

As you change and evolve this, and as you begin to truly embody confidence,the opportunities set before you will begin to show up.

Embody confidence now. Feel confident. Fill every cell of your body with confidence.

Know that you can do what you’ve come here to do.

Give thanks for your growing confidence and belief in yourself.

Work daily to cultivate a greater confidence. It is your key to success.

Embody confidence though you have no proof.
Embody confidence and see what shows up.
Embody confidence and seek to emanate confidence.

See yourself as capable and your capacities will grow.
See yourself as able to learn that which you came here to learn.
See yourself as able to contribute that which you came here to contribute.

Go forward with confidence now.

Let this be your experiment.
Let this be your test.

What happens as you begin to hold the energy of confidence more and more?

What clarity arises in you?
What opportunities naturally come your way?
What new actions flow from you effortlessly?

Make today, this week, this month, this new year an experiement with confidence.

Learn to face your challenges with confidence.

Know that there is a force of life working with you to manifest what you need.
Know that you yourself are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.
Know that you are more powerful than you currently realize.
Know that you have more wisdom than your currently acknowledge.
Know that confidence is your key.

Cultivate confidence now and the way forward will be revealed.

Be confident in your own inherent wisdom, strength, clarity, and life purpose. And know, that powerful energies are all around you, just waiting for you to step into your confidence and power.

We wait patiently.

The ball is in your court.

Cultivate your confidence and doors will start to open.