Make room for the new

“Do not move on to 2017 without letting go of something significant from 2016, an old idea, label, habit, fear, concern of ego. Let go to free up the white space for something new to enter.” Brendon Burchard.

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum, and that as we let go of worn out conditions, situations, attitudes and even clothing, that we create space for something new to be born.

What will you be letting go of this year as we wind down 2016 and what would you like to be born in its place as we enter this next cycle?

This is a question that we can all contemplate as we begin a new year of growth, service and enjoyment.

It is on this note, that I thought I’d share a poem that I wrote a while back, as I was working on letting go of a friendship in order to make room for something new.

Make room for the new.

And for a long time, it hurt when I bumped into a mutual friend of ours and she ignored me, or worse yet, glared.

And for a long time, I felt pain when I was not invited to that movie or that party.

What had you said about me that caused such hostility and rejection, I would wonder.

And for a long time, I wanted so badly to be included in that group that now shuns me.

And for a long time, I thought of you and felt pain.

And for a long time, I suffered.

I suffered until a friend said: Who cares?

Who cares that they reject you?
Who cares that you are not included?
Who cares that this friend left your life?

Let her go. Let them go.

Don’t hold such scarcity in your relationships or in your life.

There are true friend for you out there.
There are people who value and cherish you.
There are people who will see the true you and feel bonded and connected to you.

Trust this.

Let go and make room in your heart for the new.

Clear out the old.

Clear it out.
Let it go.

Make room for new friends.
Make room for new love.
Make room for new abundance.
Make room for all the glory that is meant for you.

Let what wants to go, go.
Chase no more.

Open now to the new.

Open to new life.
Open to new friendship.
Open to new love.

And, open to new opportunity.

New life is coming to you.

Make room.
Make room.

~Hayley Mermelstein