May we all find deeper peace within ourselves and in so doing, contribute to our own healing, the healing of others and the healing of our planet. ~ Hayley Mermelstein

I was meditating on feeling deeper peace within myself and deeper peace within my relationships this morning and was inspired to write a short meditation about it and share it with all of you.

Take a moment and fill yourself with a feeling of peace now. Give thanks for the peace that is filling your heart. Imagine feeling peace now. Imagine that you have a deeper feeling of peace than ever before. Imagine bringing this feeling of peace to your relationships, to your work, to your life. Fill yourself with peace today. Give thanks that you are able to hold this inner peace more and more. Give thanks that your relationships are filled with peace. Above all else, give thanks (in advance even) for the peace that resides within your heart. Be appreciative of this new found peace. Embrace it, ask for it, appreciate it. Embody peace today.

Affirm often:

I am filled with peace.
I embody peace.
I embrace peace.
I am peace.

I give thanks for the peace in my heart.
I give thanks that my ability to embody peace is growing everyday.

I am deeply peaceful.

My peace radiates out into the world and creates a vibration of peace.
My peace radiates out into the world and effects every aspect of my life.
My peace radiates out into the world and helps create a new vibration of peace on the planet.

I start with myself.
I start with peace.
I start with love.
I start with a desire for a new way of being.

Today i embody peace and I bring peace to the planet.

Hayley Mermelstein