BACKORDERED: Tong Ren Doll and Hammer


Tong Ren Doll


Product Description

Tong Ren Doll:

A full body acupuncture model used with Tong Ren Therapy. This
model has only the acupuncture points that we most often use within
Tong Ren Therapy to allow for easier use. All of the vertebral segments
used within Tong Ren are clearly marked. A chakra location chart with
the seven key TRCB affirmations are also included with the doll.

Tong Ren Hammer:

The magnetic hammer used within Tong Ren Therapy. The hammer
was originally developed to provide acupressure-style stimulation to
acupuncture points, particularly along the spine. We use the hammer
on the Tong Ren doll to allow the mind to direct energy towards
healing physical and energetic blockages.