I am free and you are free.

Freedom. I’m a freedom lover. I enjoy being free and I enjoy giving others freedom as well. And so today I offer all of us a plate of freedom. You are free and I am free. You are free to be true to yourself. You are free to live a life in alignment with your own true nature. You are free to listen deeply and go where you are guided. You are free to walk away from that which you are guided to leave. You are free to say yes and you are free to say no. You are free to follow the impulses of your spirit and go where you are guided to go.

I grant myself this same freedom.

I am free to listen deeply to my own inner spirit and the whispers of spirit all about me. I am free to go where I am guided to go, and walk away from that which I am guided to leave. I am free to live an attuned life. I am free to follow my deepest impulses and live the life that is meant for me. I am free to say yes, and I am free to say no.

Freedom when coupled with deep listening is highly responsible.
Freedom when separated from deep listening can be highly irresponsible.

And so listen deeply. Listen deeply to the inner core of your being, and listen deeply to the whispers of spirit that are all around you. Spirit will guide you towards the life that is most meant for you. Spirit will guide you toward personal fulfillment, actualization and contribution. Listen deeply. Give yourself freedom to do that which you know is yours to do. Give yourself freedom to be the person that you are most meant to be.

Listen deeply. Be free. And the way forward will be revealed.
Hayley Mermelstein
c. 2014