Opening to Receive with TRCB

Hello Everyone and welcome to TRCB Tuesday.

This weeks video is focused on opening to receive. Many of us were trained from a young age that it is better to give than to receive. I was taught by my teachers that it is better to give and to receive and that it is better to seek the balance. When we are in a deeper balance we are equally comfortable with both giving and receiving.

Many of us unconsciously block receiving either because we feel we don’t deserve, we feel guilty, or we simply have a deeply held belief that it is better to give than to receive so we focus exclusively on giving and then become drained and depleted.

And so for today, I thought we’d work on opening to receive. I have found it helpful to look at receiving as a skill that you can develop. When thoughts of: I don’t deserve arise, or thoughts of: wait others are suffering its selfish of me to receive arise, gently surrender these thoughts or move then aside.

Remember our being open to receive doesn’t block another from opening to receive. We can all learn this skill. And often when we allow ourselves to receive, we actually then have more resources to help others. (Watch for next weeks video on Opening to Greater World Service)

And so we can learn to separate receiving from thoughts of deserving, and just see learning to receive as a skill that is available to all of us.

This weeks chakra balancing affirmations are:

Crown: I am open to receive the light.

Third eye: I am open receive deeper wisdom.

Throat: I am open to receive compliments and criticism because I can learn from both.

Heart: I am open to give and receive love.

Solar Plexus: I welcome all of life.

Identity Chakra: I am open to give and receive. I am equally comfortable with both.

Base: I am open to greater self-care. I attend to my mind, body, emotional health, and spirit everyday.

And there you have it. Your 7 chakra balancing affirmations for the week.

For this week, give yourself permission to focus on opening to receive. Open to receive the light of spirit that is all around you. Open to receive love. Open to receive greater financial abundance. Open to receive miracles. Open to receive new opportunities. Open to new friendships. Open to positive change. Open to divine intervention. Open to receive all that life wants to bring to you. Do not block out of fear or ignorance. Instead open to receive that which is meant for you.

Practice opening to receive and be aware of what transpires in the week ahead.

As you open to receive, also practice really appreciating all that already have in your life. For appreciating what you have is the ultimate sign that you are really taking in all that has been offered.

And so, open to receive, appreciate all that you have and then as you feel filled up inside you can naturally offer the contribution that you came to make.

Have a good week everyone.


Hayley Mermelstein