I am special

We are each special. We all have special gifts, talents and strengths. We all have something that makes us unique. Take a moment today to connect with your specialness. Take a moment to connect with that which makes you unique. Take a moment to embody and experience your specialness. Affirm frequently through out the day:

I am special.
I have special gifts.
I have special tal…ents.
I have special powers.
I have special qualities that only I have.
I am special and we are all special.
I am special.

Connect with that place within that is special. Imagine that you have a golden crown on your head and that you have royalty coursing though your veins. Feel your specialness. Experience yourself as special. Do not confuse this with being superior to others, for everyone is special and everyone has a unique gift that they bring to the table. Embrace your specialness today. Seek to see yourself as special. Pretend, if need be, that you have special and magical powers that only you know about and possess. Embody the feeling of specialness. Embrace the feeling of specialness. Know that you are special and that everyone you come in contact is special. Strive to treat yourself as if you are special and strive to treat others as if they are special as well. Let this be your experiment today and see what transpires.

~Hayley Mermelsetin