When we feel rejected.

I was talking to a friend recently who was feeling rejected at every turn. The path he was trying to take just wasn’t opening up. I shared with my friend the wise words that a teacher once shared with me: Sometimes, rejection is the universe telling us that we are going in the wrong direction.

My friend stopped in his tracks. Suddenly he had a major shift in his thinking. Maybe he wasn’t being rejected (i.e. shown all the ways he wasn’t good enough and not measuring up)maybe, just maybe he was being rerouted.

In my friends case he had been unhappy for quite a while in his current situation and had been contemplating a change but had lacked the courage and conviction to make such a change (hey, happens to the best of us, we get comfortable where we are and who wants to change anyway.). Maybe, just maybe life has a better, more satisfying path for my friend and it is through being rejected at his current situation that life is nudging him (or forcing him) to make the change he has resisted.

Anyway, this story is a good reminder to all of us that one of the ways that life moves us forward is through rejection.

Where in your life are you feeling a feeling of rejection? What is life trying to tell you? Are you being rejected or is life simply letting you know that you are trying to open a door that is no longer right for you?

Of course, there are also stories of great poets or authors who were rejected 500 times before the right publisher came along and in those cases being persistent was the key to there success. But even in those cases, rejection was rerouting them to the publishing company that was ultimately right for them.

It is only through deep listening that we will know the right path to take. It is only through deep listening that we will know when to walk away and when to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.to present itself.

So take some time this weekend and listen deeply (not analysis or think to death). But listen deeply to what life is trying to tell you. Life gives us signs and messages if we are listening and one of the ways that life talks to us is through rejection.

Next time you are feeling rejected ask: What is life trying to tell me? And then listen deeply for the answer.

And remember that sometimes: Rejection is the universe telling us that we are moving in the wrong direction.

When we see life in this way we tend not to feel not good enough or hurt but rather that we are being rerouted to the place that we are most meant to be on at this time.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hayley Mermelstein