What if?

I was doing some cleaning this morning and these words started echoing in my head. I thought I would share them here because they are a great reminder that sometimes our greatest challenges are also our greatest gifts.

What if?

What if this is a big gift?

What if you let go of all external strvings and sought to refine your own character?

What if you decided to welcome this as your greatest teacher?

What if you saw this as good instead of bad?

What if you let go of your worries and allowed the universe to take care of you?

What if you attended to yourself, your healing, and your inner development?

What if your lowest moment was your greatest gift?

What if?

What if despite appearances to the contrary you are a chosen one. Chosen to sit in the fire of discomfort until all impurities are burned away?

What if this is happening for your highest good?

What if after the fire is over you will emerge as a sparking diamond?

What if your greatest challenge is your greatest gift?

Appreciate the person you are becoming.
Appreciate the flood.
Appreciate the fire.
Appreciate the journey on sunny days and rainy days.
Appreciate the process and be curious about where it will lead.

You have chosen the road less traveled.

Welcome the journey.
And ask: What if?

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