Sit in your radiance

Sit in your radiance. Sit in your wisdom. Sit in the knowing of who you truly are. When you know who you truly are you will be less affected by the opinions of others. When you know who you truly are you will actualize more and more of your best self. Those who do not behave well have forgotten who they and so have compassion for yourself and for others for it is easy to forget your true identity. It is easy to forget the tremendous greatness that lies within. And so seek to remember who you are and to actualize your true spiritual nature more and more. As you do this you will become a beacon of light for many and you will help others remember their true spiritual nature as well. And so go forth and shine brightly now for each is needed. The world needs your light and so offer your full contribution. Have patience and compassion with your self and have patience and compassion for others. For all are learning and all are growing and all are on a long journey home.

~Hayley Mermelstein