Opening to a new chapter

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Tuesday, where each week I will share with you a TRCB healing video. This week we are focusing on opening to a new chapter.

It’s September and here in Amherst, MA (a college town with 5 colleges in the vicinity) September is the start of a new cycle and a new year. In celebration of this new cycle I thought we could focus on really welcoming in the new chapter and getting our mind set in an optimal place for making the best of the new energy that is coming in.

Be sure to watch this weeks video if you would like to invite more newness into your life and really open to the new chapter that is beginning for all of us.

This weeks affirmations are:

Crown: I am open to newness. I am open to new opportunities. i am open to a new chapter.

Third eye: I am filled with certainty.

Throat: I enter the new chapter with confidence.

Heart: I am love and love is all around me.

Solar Plexus: I welcome new opportunities. I welcome a new chapter. I welcome all of life.

Identity: I am infinitely creative.

Base: I am disciplined.

And there you have it, your seven TRCB affirmations for the week. Work with these affirmations during the week. If there is one affirmation that particularly speaks to you, make it your affirmation for the day or the affirmation for the week.

Feel free to let me know how the video and the affirmations impact you.

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See you next Tuesday!


Hayley Mermelstein