I am not your way home.

I took this week off from work to meditate and regroup a bit. After spending some time in quiet, this poem arose to the surface. Its been helpful for me to read and reread as a reminder to move more deeply into acceptance. Thought I’d share it with you in case it might be helpful.

Also, we will be having another free group meditation and group healing the last Sunday of October (October 25th) from 7-7:45 pm E.T. Be sure to mark your calendar if you are interested and keep an eye out for the reminders the weekend before.

I am not your way home.

And sometimes the people around us cannot be who we want them to be, because it is not who they are.

Sometimes the people around us cannot meet our expectations, for it is simply not where they are at yet, or the role they are meant to play in our lives.

Live and let live.

Let others be who and where they are.

Be deeply accepting now.

Do not look to others to be something that they are not.

Let go now and sit empty for a time.

Let go now and allow your life to unfold.

Let go now and allow life to bring the right people into your life.

Eventually, you will find your way home.

~Hayley Mermelstein