General Balancing with TRCB

I hope that you are well and have been enjoying and benefiting from TRCB Tuesday. When I first started this project the plan was to record eight videos. I got so into it that instead I have recorded and shared 17 videos! That is 17 videos to inspire and assist all of us in bringing our best self forward more and more!

I’ve decided to take a break from TRCB Tuesday for a little while so that I can complete my second book (Balance Your Chakras, Change Your Life) and so that I can prepare to start offering live healing webinars in the late fall or early winter.

But this won’t be the last video. Instead I will send out a TRCB video on special occasions or simply when the mood hits! I may even send out a video on a Thursday or Friday (i’m really living life on the edge now!).

Anyway, I do hope that you have enjoyed the videos and I look forward to offering many new venues in which to learn more about the chakras and how to work with them so that we can all bring our best selves forward more and more.

Today’s healing video is a general chakra balancing that powerfully aligns and balances the chakras.

Be sure to watch the video here:

Today’s chakra balancing affirmations are:

Crown: I am open and expanded. I expand my idea of what is possible.

Third eye: I am a wise decision maker.

Throat: I am fully expressive.

Heart: I am a radiant being of light and love.

Solar Plexus: I am deeply appreciative.

Identity: I am infinitely creative.

Base: I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.

Enjoy today’s video and allow it to elevate your state of mind and assist you in being your best.

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Till next time!


Hayley Mermelstein