Cultivating Greater Self Appreciation with TRCB

Hello Everyone and welcome to TRCB Tuesday,

This weeks chakra balancing treatment focuses on cultivating greater self love and self appreciation. Many of us desire greater love and appreciation from others, and yet do not even give ourselves the very appreciation we would like experience out in the world.

It is often said, that others are simply a mirror for us about the views we hold about ourselves. If this is in fact true, then it is to our advantage to learn to love and appreciate ourselves and see how this impacts what is reflected back.

And even if others are not mirrors, it still is an act of great kindness and self care to learn to cultivate love, compassion, and understanding for ourselves, so that we can better weather the inevitable ups and downs on the journey of life.

Here are this weeks affirmations:

Crown: I let go and I trust the process. I trust that life is working with me to manifest what I need.

Third eye: I am a being of great wisdom.

Throat: I am filled with the power of spirit.

Heart: I love and I appreciate myself.

Solar Plexus: I accept that I am learning and growing. I accept that I have strengths and that I have weaknesses. I accept, that I, like everyone else, am in a process of growth and evolution.

Identity: I am infinitely creative.

Base: I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.

And there you have it, this weeks seven chakra balancing affirmations. Work with these affirmations frequently to further balance and align the chakras. Of course, watch the video as well, to further enhance the healing benefit.

You may  want to pick one affirmation and make it your affirmation for the day. Really practice embodying your chosen affirmation. For example, if your affirmation is, I am filled with the power of spirit, really practice embodying this affirmation and practice feeling as well.

Ask yourself, how would I handle this situation if I was filled with the power of spirit? How would I go through my day? How would I live my life? How would I interact in my relationships? Repeat your chosen affirmation frequently and see how this impacts your day and quality of life.


Hayley Mermelstein

P.S. If you have been enjoying the affirmations and the videos be sure to register for our first FREE Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Teleclass, happening Sunday, March 29th. This is going to be a wonderful way to be immersed in healing energy and experience the power of joining together for healing and transformation.

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To register go to and put in your email address. A confirmation will be sent out to you and the phone number for the call will be sent 24 hours before the call.

I really look forward to joining with you for our collective healing and transformation!