Amazing Results Using TRCB

I received a phone call from a TRCB student who has been attending our Monday night group regularly since September.  This class member had purchased her own doll and hammer and has been doing TRCB healing sessions for friends and family members.     She received a phone call from a friend this week who was experiencing a very serious side effect from a prescription drug she was taking.  The serious side effect was blindness.  Her friend was losing her ability to see.  She had consulted with her doctor who advised her to stop taking the drug immediately, which she did, but still the vision problems persisted.  Our TRCB healer decided to do a treatment for her friend while they were talking on the phone.  She tapped with the hammer on the Tong Ren doll focusing on the brain and the eyes and then the seven chakras of the Tong Ren doll.  Her friend became very drowsy when on the phone and had to hang up.  (The body heals best during rest and so often people feel tired after a TRCB session.)  The next morning her friend called back to say that her eye sight had improved remarkably over night and that she attributed this improvement to the TRCB healing session she had received the day before.  Our TRCB group member was very thankful to have a healing tool to offer to her friend in need and was thrilled to share her story with me.

The wonderful thing about Tong Ren Chakra Balancing is that it is a powerful healing system that can be used by anyone at anytime to promote healing in oneself or another.  TRCB has a simplicity that makes it accessible to all.  In fact, one of the things I really appreciate about my teacher Tom Tam, founder of Tong Ren, is his philosophy that we are all healers and with some simple training this ability can be brought out in each one of us.  It is not uncommon in Tom’s office to see clients doing Tong Ren for themselves, for their friends and for their family.  Tong Ren and Tong Ren Chakra Balancing are tools that can be used by anyone to promote healing in themselves and others.

It is on this note that I am happy to announce that I will be holding a 2-day TRCB Level One Training for those wanting to learn how to do TRCB for family and friends or to enhance an already existing healing practice.  The training will be highly practical, empowering you with skills and healing tools you can use right away.

In this course you will learn how to do a three-part energy healing treatment.  The three-part treatment consists of Tong Ren Chakra Balancing, gold light, and medical qi gong (energy healing using your hands).  We will explore all three modalities in depth as well as explore how to put them together for a smooth and effective healing treatment.  Participants will be given plenty of hands on practice time so that by the end of the weekend you feel ready and able to incorporate these powerful tools into your own life.  This course is ideal for those wanting tools and techniques to assist friends and family as well as for those wanting a healing modality to compliment an already existing healing practice.

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