The Power of Tong Ren Chakra Balancing

In last weeks Monday night healing group one of the participants asked if we could do Tong Ren Chakra Balancing (TRCB) for her son.  Her son was as looking for employment and having a hard time finding a job.  He had many interviews, just no offers.  We tapped on the chakras of the Tong Ren doll to release any blockages that her son may have been consciously or unconsciously holding around finding work.   We also said a chakra balancing affirmation as we tapped on each chakra. The affirmations that we used for this treatment were: (names have been changed to protect privacy)

Crown:         I trust that spirit is working with John to manifest what he needs.

Third eye:      John is wise.  He makes wise decisions.

Throat:             John is filled with confidence.  John is confident in himself and           confident that spirit is working with him to manifest what he needs.

Heart:                John is love and love is all around him.

Solar Plexus:     John welcomes new opportunities.  John welcomes new work.  John welcomes learning.  John welcomes growth.  John welcomes adventure.  John welcomes ease and John welcomes challenge for we learn from both challenge and ease.  John welcomes new opportunities.

Identity:            John is balanced.  John is both sensitive and strong.

Base:               John is disciplined.  He attends to his mind, body, and spirit everyday.

We tapped as a group, sent light, let go of our attachments and then simply moved on to the next person.  The next week when we met again the mother of the young man had an update.  She told the group that the very next day, after we had tapped, her son received a phone call from a friend who had found work on a farm (the type of work this young man was looking for).  This friend told John that they needed a second employee.  John applied, got the job and was flying off to his new place of employment this week. His mother was deeply relieved and appreciative of the healing energy we had sent to her son.  Her son had been looking for work for months and months and so this felt like a true healing.

Was it a coincidence that this opportunity opened up one day after doing TRCB?  I can’t say.  What I can say is that these type of coincidences seems to happen a lot after our Monday night group and after a TRCB session in general.  Tapping on the 7 chakras of the Tong Ren doll energetically releases blockages in the chakra system.  When the blockages are released the energy of our lives can flow the way it is supposed to.  What is meant to leave our lives can go and what is meant to enter our lives can come in.  Sometimes the healing that occurs with TRCB is a physical healing, sometimes it is a shift in attitude, sometimes it is even a shift in our external circumstances.  Healing can take many forms.

If you would like to experience the healing power of TRCB feel free to drop in to our Monday night healing group that meets at 800 Main Street in Amherst at 7:00 p.m..  If you live afar you can schedule a long distance healing session with me personally or purchase your own doll and hammer and try it out for yourself.  Either way TRCB has the power to release the blockages in your mind, body, chakra system and your life.

If you would like to work with the affirmations listed above, simply tap on each chakra of the Tong Ren doll with the Tong Ren hammer and repeat the following affirmations:  (see video page for visual demonstration)

Crown:            I trust that spirit is working with me to manifest what I need.

Third eye:        I am wise.  I am a wise decision maker.

Throat:             I am filled with confidence.  I am confident in myself and confident that   spirit is working with me to manifest what I need.

Heart:              I am love and love is all around me.

Solar Plexus:   I welcome new opportunities.  I welcome learning.  I welcome growth.  I welcome adventure.  I welcome ease and I welcome challenge for we learn both from ease and challenge.  I welcome all of life.

Identity:            I am balanced.  I am both sensitive and strong.

Base:              I am disciplined.  I attend to my mind, body, and spirit every day.

Let us know how this post and working with these affirmations affect your week.  I appreciate your feedback!