Becoming Uncommon

I was meditating this morning and I heard a teachers voice in my head and he said, “If you want the uncommon, you must become uncommon.”

What did he mean by that, you may ask?

He meant if you want to have new and unusual experiences in your life you have to live life  differently than the average person.

You have to learn to give while everyone else is taking.

You have to learn to love while everyone else if judging.

You have to learn to listen while everyone else if talking.

You have to learn to be selfless while everyone else is being selfish.

You have to learn to stay calm while everyone else is reacting.

You have to learn to look honestly while everyone else is avoiding.

These are not easy tasks, and yet it is what is asked of us. We are asked to model a new way of being and to be willing to be a beacon of hope and light  in a world filled with darkness. The challenge of this is sometimes we must stand alone for a while until other like minded people can find their way to us.

But for now be willing to stand alone. Be willing to model a new way. Be willing to take the road less traveled. Be willing to be uncommon.

Practice offering love even in the face of judgementalness or unkindness. Practice giving while others are taking. Practice listening while others are talking. Practice being selfless while others are being selfish. Practice holding a new standard for yourself, even if you are doing it alone.

See what shows up differently in your life when you show up differently.

As always, be wise and discerning as you navigate new terrain.

And most importantly, remember if you want the uncommon, you must become uncommon.

~Hayley Mermelstein