Welcoming what is.

I was thinking about an unwanted situation in my life, and the more I protested in my mind about what was happening, the worse I felt. I had to stop myself (before things got out of hand!) and began to just welcome what was transpiring.

This wasn’t easy for me (and still isn’t) but I did notice that as I welcomed what was happening my body began to relax and my internal tension began to subside.

I decided that for today I would welcome what is and not add insult to injury by railing against what is. This may sound like passivity, but I believe that when we accept what is, we are better able to think clearly and hear guidance to help us navigate the challenges in our lives.

Anyway, as usual, I wrote a short affirmation to assist in this process and thought I’d share it here in case you too have some undesired situation that you are currently navigating.

I welcome.

I welcome this pain.
I embrace this pain.
I accept this pain.

I resist no longer.

I welcome.
I embrace.
I accept.
I surrender.

I set the table and I invite you to dinner.

What is it that you have come to teach me?
What is it that you would have me learn?

Why did you come?
What is your message?

I’m listening now.
I open to learning.

I welcome you.
I embrace you.
I resist no longer.

I am open and receptive.

I surrender.
I surrender.
I surrender.

Stay as long as you like.
Stay until I have learned what you want me to learn.

I resist you no longer.
Teach me what you came to teach me.

I welcome you.
I welcome you.
I welcome you.

Take a moment now and welcome some unwanted situation that is currently in your life. Welcome that which you currently are resisting. How deeply can you welcome what is? How deeply can you embrace what is happening? How deeply can you surrender?

Ask, what have you come to teach me? What is your message? What is it that you would have me learn?

As you welcome, embrace, and surrender, you will access greater peace. As you access greater peace you will be guided in right action.

But for today, simply surrender and simply welcome what is. Simply embrace all that is transpiring. See how deeply you can welcome what is.

Tomarrow (or another day) you can work on solving the problem. But for today, simply surrender and welcome what is. End the war. End the resistance. Embrace what is transpiring and be aware of how this impacts your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Be content to simply put one foot in front of the next for a little while as you learn that which is yours to learn. Surrender deeply and resist no more. Work with what shows up, and allow life to guide you in the path of right action.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Do that which is yours to do.

Listen deeply and you will be guided.

~Hayley Mermelstein