Starting the day right with TRCB

Hello and welcome back to TRCB Tuesday, where each week I will share a new chakra balancing treatment designed to help all of us actualize our full potential in every day life. This week we will be focusing on chakra balancing for the morning. In other words, we will be working with specific affirmations to help start our day off on the right foot. We will focus on principles such as devotion, clear priorities, confidence, love, appreciation, and discipline.

This weeks chakra balancing affirmations are:

Crown: I am devoted to spirit. I am devoted to service. 

When we are devoted to spirit we listen deeply to our own inner spirit and spirit all around us. In this way we will know what is ours to do and what is not ours to do.

Third eye: I know my clear priorities.

Knowing your clear priorities will help you to stay focused on your true priorities and help prevent you from putting attention where it does not belong.

Throat: I am confident.

Take a moment before you venture out today to connect with the confidence that lies at the core of your being. We all have a place of great confidence that lies within. Take a moment today to feel and reconnect with this confidence.

Solar Plexus: I am filled with appreciation.

Take a moment to feel deep appreciation now. Feel appreciative for all that you have. Feel appreciation in advance for all that is coming to you. Cultivate a state of deep appreciation today and seek to bring this state to all that you do. Remember that what you focus on grows. As you focus on that which you appreciate, you will find yourself having even more to appreciate.

Identity:   I am both sensitive and strong.

It takes great strength to navigate a life and great sensitivity too. Take a moment to feel the strength that lies within your spirit and take a moment to connect with your sensitivity as well.

Base: I am disciplined. I attend to my mind, body, and spirit everyday.

If we wish to live a life of actualization and bring our best self forward then we must attend to the basics of our lives. Take time today to exercise, to eat well, to get enough sleep. Take time to learn something new and to work on a creative project. Take time today to meditate or work on your chakras and take time to connect to your own inner spirit and to spirit all around you.

And there you have it. Your seven TRCB affirmations for the week. Start each day this week with these seven affirmations and see how they impact the quality of your day. Take time to devote yourself to spirit and to devote yourself to service. Take time to meditate on your clear priorities for the day. Take time to connect with the confidence of your spirit and the love that resides with in. Take time to feel and express appreciation for all that you have, knowing that what you focus on comes forward. Take time to feel the strength of your spirit and to connect with your sensitivity as well. And finally attend to the basics of mind, body and spirit knowing that good habits are essential for a life of actualization and contribution.

Have a great week.


Hayley Mermelstein