Finding Deeper Self Acceptance with TRCB

Welcome to Tong Ren Chakra Balancing Tuesday. Today’s video features a TRCB treatment for finding deeper self acceptance. Watch it any time deeper acceptance is desired and allow the tapping and the affirmations to release any blockages and naturally assist you in embracing and welcoming all aspects of ones self.

Today’s affirmations are:

Crown: I am filled with greatness.

We each have a place of great divinity and light that lies within. Part of self acceptance is accepting our greatness.

Third eye: I look honestly at myself.

Learn to look honestly at yourself so that you may see and acknowledge both your strengths and your weaknesses. It is by looking honestly that we can begin to heal.

Throat: I am spirit. I am learning. I am good.

We are all learning and we are all growing. Our behaviour is evolving and yet at the same time we are spirit and we are filled with divinity. Learn to see yourself as essentially good and learning.

Heart: I am filled with deep compassion for myself.

We are all in this soup of life together. In the words of Plato, “Have compassion for everyone is having a hard life.”

Solar Plexus: I accept myself completely. I accept that I have strengths. I accept that I have weaknesses. I accept that I am learning and growing.

We can’t heal what we don’t acknowledge. As we accept our weaknesses they begin to heal. As we accept our strengths we can begin to actualize more of our full potential.

Identity: I am filled with wholeness.

There is a place of great wholeness that lies within, a place of great light, great love, great strength and sensitivity. There is a place within your that was never wounded and is untouched by anything that has transpired in this lifetime or other lifetimes.

Base: I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.

We are human and learning as well as spirit and filled with divinity. Know that you are enough as you are. Embrace your humility today.

For today practice embracing both your strengths and your weaknesses. As you accept your weaknesses you allow your weaknesses to heal. As you accept your strengths you will bring your strengths forward more and more.

And so for today, accept it all. Accept that you are human and learning and growing and accept that you have a place of great light and divinity that lies within As you accept more of yourself you will bring the best within you forward while simultaneously embracing the learning process in which all are involved.

Hayley Mermelstein