Embracing the Learning Process (TRCB Video)

This weeks TRCB healing video is on embracing the learning process.

The earth is a school and we have come for growth, learning, enjoyment and service. Learning to accept our mistakes and grow from them, is a large part of why we are here.

Culturally we are taught to identify with our behavior and thus when make a mistake we may consider ourselves to be bad. I have been taught to separate behavior from identity. We are spirit and our essential self is good while our behavior is evolving.

For today practice seeing yourself as spirit and good and learning. Come to see your essential self as good and your behavior as an evolving process.

(I remember reading somewhere that if you aren’t embarrassed by the person that you were a year ago that you are not learning and growing enough.)

So embrace the fact that you are good and that you are learning and be aware of how this impacts your attitude toward mistakes (both your own and others).

This weeks TRCB affirmations are:

Crown: I let go and I trust the process of life.

Third eye: I am wise.

Throat: I am learning and growing. We are all learning and growing.

Heart: I am filled with compassion for myself and others for we are all learning and growing.

Solar Plexus: I embrace the learning process. I accept the learning process. I allow the learning process.

Identity: I am filled with wholeness.

Base: I am disciplined. I attend to my mind, body, and spirit everyday.

Work with these affirmations this week and see how they evolve your attitude towards yourself, others, and the learning process.

As we learn to embrace our learning process we can develop a deeper compassion for ourselves and others, for once again, we are all spirit, we are all good, and we are all learning.

For this week, separate your behavior from your identity. Know that you are good regardless of what mistakes that you have made. And offer compassion to yourself and others. Be aware of how this impacts the quality of your week.

Enjoy the video.


Hayley Mermelstein