Can you hear the words beneath the words?

Once I was listening deeply to a friend who was talking about leaving her husband. I was practicing deep listening at the time and was giving all of my attention to this. (i.e. I wasn’t thinking about what I needed to say in response or multitasking or advice giving. I was just listening.)

As my friend talked about leaving her husband I heard a deeper part of her tell me that she would never leave him because of their money situation. I heard the words beneath the words. When I listened in this way, I had access to much more information than I normally would have. It wasn’t subtle. Actually, it felt like a super power. When I focused on really listening, I was amazed at the information that I had access to.

Practice deep listening today. See how deeply you can listen.

What do you hear when you listen in this way? Can you hear the words beneath the words?

Let this be your experiment with life today. Listen to the words beneath the words. YOu may be amazed at what you discover.