Big Being of Acceptance

Not sure what happened today but while I was meditating I turned into a big being of acceptance. I mean a really, big, being of acceptance. Like I turned into the whole universe sort of big.

I was mediating and sort of minding my own business when it happened. Well, I guess in the back ground I was thinking about how flawed all of us humans are and that if we are to get along with each other at all we are going to have to accept that each of us is deeply wounded in one way or another. (I was talking to myself, I guess, in the middle of this meditation).

And then it happened. I became big. I became the universe, and I was filled with a deep, deep acceptance and this acceptance filled the whole universe. And then this acceptance went to my parents and filled them with acceptance and I saw that I could fill them with this acceptance and it would help there relationship. And then it went to my flawed friends (we are all flawed) and it filled and soothed them and then it went to my clients and everyone in my universe was filled with acceptance and was soothed.

For a moment in time, I was larger than life, breathing acceptance into all my children.

And then the experience slowly retracted and I was back to myself.

But a little different.

A psychic once told me that I held too high a standard in relationships and that I wanted a perfection that didn’t exist. As I get older, I’m slowly learning that there is no perfect relationship and part of my job is to deeply accept and allow all that is showing up in my world. It’s not my job to change it. It’s my job to accept it and my acceptance acts as a healing balm going out into the world and soothing the masses. My acceptance helps to heal all the imbalances that present in my day.

I’m not sure that I fully understand this yet or can articulate it all that well. But this seems to be part of my New Years message and learning.

As i reflect, these questions come to mind:

How much acceptance can you breath into your universe?

How deeply can you accept all these deeply flawed human beings that show up at your doorstep?

Can you be a soothing balm that helps to heal the fractured masses?

I saw today that acceptance soothes and heals all that it touches.

I don’t want to argue today.

Today, I offer you my deep acceptance. I may do it imperfectly. But I will keep working on it.

The world is in turmoil and on fire.

Perhaps it is our acceptance that starts to turn the tide in a new direction.

What happens when we accept what is unacceptable?

Does the unacceptable get louder or does it begin to calm down?

What happens when we accept what is unacceptable?

Do we become passive or does our lack of reaction create a deep clarity about how to best proceed?

Allow this to be your experiment today, if you feel so inspired.

Breath a deep acceptance into your universe. Accept everything that arises. Welcome all the flawed players in your universe (you don’t have to invite them all to dinner, btw!) Just allow them to be as they are: broken, damaged, wounded, brilliant, insightful, caring, mangled, and clueless, shining clarity, etc..etc.. Let it all be and offer a deep acceptance to all.

Be aware of what shows up differently as you show up differently.

By the way, when I turned into a big being of acceptance today. My acceptance went out to all of you too. I hope you felt it.

Happy New Year.

Hayley Mermelstein