Letting go of trying to manipulate life to get what you need.

So often others are afraid of not getting what they need and so they try to manipulate life to give them what they think is right for them or what they deserve.

The only problem is this action shows the underlying belief that You are not going to get what you need.

For today experiment with truly trusting that life is on your side and conspiring in your favor. Let go of all desire to manipulate or control life so that you can get what you need.

When has trying to manipulate life ever worked in the long haul?

Have you noticed that it when you totally let go completely that miracles happen?

Have you noticed it is when you stop trying to make it happen, force it to happen, beg it into happening: that that is when it happens?

So let go of your petty manipulations.
Let go of your desire to control.

Let go of that part of you that thinks your mortal self is running this show.
You have no control. It is an illusion.

Show your trust in life by letting go of the desire to control it.
Surrender to life.

The universe has a much bigger and brighter plan for your life than you can possibly imagine.

The limited mind has no idea of what the unlimited mind is capable of.

And so surrender your deepest desires.
Surrender your deepest dreams.

Give spirit the control.
When you give spirit the control the miraclulous can happen.

Put your desire out into the universe.
But do not dictate from whom or where it will come.

For example: if it is more money you desire, put that desire out to the universe. Embody the feeling as if it is here. Embody the feeling of having received it. But do not dictate from whom or where it should come. Let the unknown surprise you. Let go and let the universe bring to you all that you need. This is a supreme letting go, a supreme trust.

Do not be rash.
Listen deeply to the forces that are guiding you.

See how deeply and profoundly you can let go of your desire to manipulate life.

Stop looking for an outcome.
Stop trying to predict from where it will come.

Let the good Lord surprise you.

And surprised you will be.

Let go of the desire to control.
Let go of the desire to manipulate .

Let go and know that all that is right to you will come.

If there is action to be taken, you will know.
You will be guided.

Let go profoundly and completely and
Let the magic begin.

~Hayley Mermelstein